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November 24 Wikipedia featured article


Uturuncu is a dormant volcano in the Sur Lípez Province of Bolivia that has active fumaroles between its two summits. Its name means “jaguar” in Quechua. The highest mountain in southwestern Bolivia, it rises to 6,008 metres (19,711 ft) within the Altiplano–Puna volcanic complex, a province of large volcanoes and calderas which over the last few million years have emplaced about 10,000 km3 (2,000 cu mi) of ignimbrites in large eruptions. Uturuncu’s last eruption was about 250,000 years ago. Although it has no glaciers at present, it shows traces of a former glaciation. Underneath it lies the Altiplano–Puna Magma Body, a large sill formed by partially molten rocks. Since 1992, satellite observations have indicated a large area of regional uplift centered on Uturuncu, which may indicate magma intrusion under the volcano. This might be a prelude to large-scale volcanic activity, including supervolcanic activity and caldera formation. (Full article…)