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September 23 Wikipedia featured article

Jason Sendwe (1917–1964) was a Congolese politician and a leader of the Katanga-based BALUBAKAT party. He became involved in several cultural organisations before founding BALUBAKAT to represent the Baluba, and believed that the Congo should remain a united country. Before Congo’s independence, he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies and sought to obtain control over Katanga Province, but lost to Moïse Tshombe. Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba nominated Sendwe for State Commissioner for Katanga, but in early July 1960 Tshombe announced Katanga‘s secession. Sendwe was appointed Deputy Prime Minister of the Congo in 1961, and later was made Commissioner-General of Katanga Province, nominally giving him complete authority over the area. His prospects were damaged in 1962 when the Senate censured him and he resigned. In 1963, Katanga acceded to central authority and Tshombe fled into exile. Sendwe became President of North Katanga Province in September. In January 1964 he lost the presidency of BALUBAKAT. Simba rebels overthrew his government and, in June, killed him. (Full article…)